How can hypnotherapy help with overwhelm?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

This blog will explain how hypnotherapy can help with overwhelm.  Overwhelm is an emotional response to a stressful situation when we feel burdened with too much of something.

Many people feel overwhelmed by the number of things they must do, be it family life or work, or for others it may be dealing with a very intense situation.


What does it feel like to be overwhelmed?

it’s a physical and emotional burden that affects every aspect of your life.  Physical symptoms can include increased heart rate, shallow breathing, stomach churning and sweating.  It can also cause problems with memory and concentration.  For some, it can impact on daily living activities such as getting washed and dressed or going shopping, due to feeling fatigued or lacking motivation to start anything.  It can also prevent you from doing the things you usually enjoy.


What causes overwhelm?

Stressors like the loss of a loved one or starting a new job can trigger overwhelm.  It can also be caused by a series of stressors accumulating or a lack of coping skills.


How can hypnotherapy help with overwhelm?

Hypnotherapy is a proven method to address the root causes of overwhelm by using the power of your subconscious mind. Together, we’ll work to reprogram negative thought patterns, release stress, and build resilience. Through guided relaxation and visualisation, you’ll develop coping mechanisms that empower you to face life’s challenges with calmness and confidence.

We can help you to understand what’s happening in your brain and body when you feel overwhelmed.  We can also support you to set goals and create change.


For more information regarding how hypnotherapy can help with overwhelm, please contact Claire at or call 07940 034 263.