About me


Hi, I’m Claire and I’m a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. After many years of working for the NHS as an Occupational Therapist, I decided to find new ways to help people reach their goals and move forward with their lives. I have always been fascinated with the brain and the workings of the mind.  Nothing is more rewarding than helping people lead happy, healthy lives, the way they want to live.

I have helped many people overcome their issues such as insomnia, phobias and anxiety, by creating their own solutions to problems.  I also have personal experience of how hypnotherapy can create positive change. I previously received a course of hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking which enabled me to succeed in my degree and career. This change opened many doors for me, and I hope it will do the same for you!

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Best wishes